Did you know that you don,t really have to seek advice from shopkeepers while selecting the colors of your curtain? Or do you find yourself way more confused when shopping begins? Well here in this blog, we will provide you with all the tips and guidelines that will make the process easy. All you have to do is keep certain things in mind while planning the colors. And you will be free from the hassle of unnecessary advice. Choosing curtain colors is genuinely a thoughtful process. Hence you really need to emphasize a lot of things while selecting the colors of your curtain. The right curtain color enhances your overall interiors. Not only do curtains give you other meaningful benefits like protecting your privacy but also help you in decorating your home. The right selection of curtains and their color will definitely create an unbelievable impact in your space.

It is important to understand that this blog is dedicated to choosing the colors of the curtain. But before choosing the colors the first step is to pick the right type of curtain, style, and material. If you wish to know the different types of curtains, styles, and material you must check out our blog dedicated to it. Read Different Types of Curtains | Styles and Material Used

Basic Things To Know Before choosing Curtain Colors:

  • The first thing you must understand before going for selecting the colors is that the curtain belongs to which space. Whether its the bedroom, livingroom, kitchen, or dining room. Different spaces needs different considerations.
  • You need to check out your necessaties. Whether you want a functional curtain or a decorative curtain.
  • The space of the room. Whethet its small, big or modest.
  • Your curtain type, material, and styles.

These four points listed above are the basic things you need to consider before you choose the colors of your curtains.

Let’s go through the tips and guidelines that will help you select the color from a better perspective:

1. The Color Of Your Walls!

The color wheel is something that one really needs to understand before creating combinations with the color of the walls. If you are planning curtains for a new home then this will help you in understanding and planning what colors when combined will look great. Even the designers and experts use this color theory to create better and improved color combinations. With the help of a color wheel, you can create different types of color schemes. Schemes like monochromatic scheme, analogous scheme, complementary scheme, and triadic scheme. With the right understanding of these creations of color schemes, you must go for color schemes that suit your space.

Once you understand the color wheel, the prime thing you should do is how to coordinate it in your space.

2. Play Match-Match With Your Curtain Colors!

Now that you understand the color scheme, you can not only create those schemes using the paint of your walls. But also from the items of home decor. Yes, you can create such combinations either from the rugs in your space, cushions, throws, quilts, bedsheets, and whatnot.

Any item of decor that helps you in decorating your space can collaborate with your curtains. Be it the indoor plants you bring to your home. The flowers that you may keep in the vases in your dining room or living room. If you really wish to collaborate your curtains with the item of decor you must try to bring floral metal wall decors. Floral artwork will easily blend with your curtains, you may also create schemes with the floral print on your curtains. If you have accent walls at home which may be filled with frames, paintings, or metal wall art you must read the colors present in them.

Bring home Metal Wall Art

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3. Look At Your Furniture!

Well yes, whether it’s your living room, bedroom, dining room, or kitchen we all have some elements of furniture in it. The dining room has dining tables, a living room has sofa sets, the bedroom has resting chairs and side tables, while the kitchen has cabinets and shelves. I am sure I have talked about the basic furniture elements. There are many other items of furniture present in our homes.

You must look at them carefully and bring out the colors present in them. For bedrooms, you must check out the color of your wardrobes or the color of the sunmica used. Looking at the sunmica used you can easily decide the colors of your curtains. While the color of your dining table gives you access to the curtain colors in your dining room. You may bring colors that are either contrast or complementary to your furniture. You can go bold and pick colors from your statement-making pieces. The same scope goes out for both the kitchens and living rooms.

4. Bring In Neutral Curtain Colors!

It is not always that you have to bring curtains that match your decors, furniture, or your accent colors. Neutral colors are something that will easily blend in your walls like it is not even there. They will have a statement of their own without even collaborating with any of your items.

Choosing colorful curtains can be a task, but when opting for neutral colors you hardly will have to think about anything else. The best part about these colors is that they will perfectly work well in all of your spaces. Be it your living room, bedroom, dining room, or kitchen. Having anything in the neutral shade has modernity in it. Neutral colors are forever in the trend making it a very safe choice. If you have a modern, open-style, or electric-style home then neutral colors can enhance the style of your home. Neutral colors instantly connect with the ceiling of your home, giving heights to your space.

4. Have You Checked Out Your Floors Yet!

Floor? yes, floor. Creating a combination from the floor can be really creative and fun. Whether you have a carpeted floor, wooden floor, or marbles. You can easily pick a color from there and bring your curtain of that shade. Be it brown, dark brown, golden, or cream. Combining your curtain with floors is a great way to complement the modern and classical styles of curtains. This will never get boring to your eyes. It can also act as a focal point of your space. This will also help in making a small room appear large as it will increase the height of the room. They will easily blend with the overall interiors and decor of your home as it is the color of your floor. The safety this combination can give you is matchless.

Our Top Favorite Colors For Curtains:

  1. Gold-orange: The reason for keeping it on top is its verstality. No matter how many time you change the decor of your modern home, this color will definitely find its place. Undoubtedly the best shade that you can opt for.
  2. Yellow or Green: Well to be honest not only yellow and green but all the earthy and natural colors can be incorporated in any space of your home. Earthy and natural colors can get both complementary and contrast depending upon the other elements of the home.
  3. Brown: They are best in giving you a cozy and relaxed ambiance. The best part about this color is that they can easily blend with your walls and overall interiors of your home.
  4. White or Black: A very obvious colors that you can choose. With white and black you hardly will have to put any efforts, as they will always find a space in any of your room.
  5. Cream or Beige: Just like black and white cream or beige too will find a space in any space you display it. Both the shades are very comforting and relaxing to the eyes.

People Also Ask While Choosing Curtain Colors:

  1. What color should curtains match?

You can always create a matching curtain with the elements present in your space. Be it the decor items or furniture items. Having said that you can always find colors schemes that will work with the color of your walls.

2. Should curtains be lighter or darker than walls?

Well both whether dark or light curtain depends on the color of your walls. If your walls are dark in color then you must pick a lighter color for your curtain, and vice-versa for the lighter walls. The reason for this is very simple as then the curtain will complement the walls of your home.

3. Do you match curtains to wall color or furniture?

You can match the curtains with both of them. One may plan the scheme with either the wall color or furniture both work perfectly well. You may also pick a color that matches both of them.

4. Which colour curtains are best for living room?

Well, there is no specific colour that is best for the living room, the best colour that you can pick depends completely upon your space and the elements present in there. However, our favorite color for curtains is Gold-orange.

We hope that you must have found the inspiration in selecting the right color for your curtains. For a properly furnished home that looks rich and sophisticated choosing the right curtain color will not be enough. Decorate your home with the right decor items that will enhance your efforts in decoration.

Hope the blog has been informative enough for you to guide you in planning the right curtain colors. Feel free to drop in your suggestion in the comment section below.

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