Installation Guide

Resources needed




Expansion Tube


Few minutes of your time

Check Wall for Hanging

Explore your walls and decide which wall’s aura you want to improve and which background would look best for the art.

Measure the Distance

There are hanging positions behind the metal art that will be used for placing it on the wall. Have you calculations done on the distance between them.

Mark the Punch Position

Take a pencil or something and mark where you like to drill the holes.

Punch / Drill

The Execution Step!! Take a drill machine and drill the holes on the above marked positions.

Nail into the Expansion Screw

Nail the expansion screw into the wall carefully so that it is not loose.

Tighten the Screws

Tighten the screws and voila!!!, the position is ready and you can hang the wall art.

Good Job Done!! Congratulations