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Metal Wall Mirrors

Floral Decorative Mirror Art

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Metal Wall Mirrors - Buy Round Framed Gold Mirror Wall Decor

 Is any room complete without a wall mirror? Absolutely not! Mirrors are a basic for every home and are a most common décor. That is why, we are here with a unique and elegant collection of metal wall mirrors.

About Metal Wall Mirrors

Metal wall mirrors are a beautiful way to decorate a room. It is also an essential decor item for any home. They come in various designs thus making a better choice than normal plain mirrors. Mirrors are a symbol of reflection. They reflect beauty into whatever is casted in front of them. Adding even a simple design to mirrors with metal upgrades them from “just a basic mirror” to a graceful “decorative wall mirror”. Hence, metal wall mirrors are one of the must haves in décor collection these days.

Metal wall mirrors can be simple designs with metal swirls around the mirror or an exquisite design with flowers or leaves. Sunflower design on the border of mirror is an exquisite design. Sunflowers are a symbol of warmth and focus, and mirrors are all about focusing as well.

Birch designed mirrors are a comely choice. Birch flowers are a sign of rebirth and growth. They indicate new beginnings. For providing a glamorous touch to the wall mirror, there are decorative stardust mirrors. With fancy preference, this wall mirror is the best choice.

Rose framed round mirrors are a cute way to design a bedroom. Roses are a symbol of love and beauty. Adding them as a decorative mirror is what will complete a room. There are various other designs like flower metal wall mirror, leaf bordered mirrors, and so much more.

Why to Chose Round Framed Metal Mirrors?

Metal wall mirror is a rich choice to fill up the décor in any room. Being crafted by metal, they can be moulded into various designs and include elements that might be one’s preference. They add a bling to the room as well make any reflection through it beautiful.

It is a better choice than the basic plastic framed mirrors, which make the walls look ill and add poorly to the décor. As we all know, switching to metal décor helps a lot in keeping environment safer. Metal is a better way to choose sustainability. They are also durable and long lasting. The mirrors retain their shine for years.

They complement the walls really well and complement any person looking in the mirror.

Why chose us?

  • We envision to bring out the best in product quality and best in our service quality!
  • We provide free shipping on all our orders.
  • We are a brand based in India bringing to you exclusive wall décor made by local craftsmen, generating employment for the local craftsmen and also promoting Indian art.
  • With 24/7 customer service, we are just a click away to solve all your problems and answer all your queries
  • 100% money back guarantee. Please refer to our return policy
  • Safe to handle with almost negligible pointed ends.
  • Trendy and elegant décor that is affordable.
  • Vibrant and enhancing colours for the walls.
  • Available in various sizes and shapes to match the diverse choices of our customers.
  • We only use the best quality mirrors.


Metal wall mirrors are a must in bedrooms. They can be hanged in bathrooms and dressing rooms. These are also a must in hotel rooms and resorts. They can also be hanged in hallways and stairways. Can be hanged in malls and shopping centres. Aren’t these a unique gifting option. Whether a marriage, a house warming gift, a birthday gift or even an anniversary gift, these will make a very thoughtful gift.

Check out our metal wall mirror collection to choose the perfect mirror!