We all love to decorate our homes. Be it a full makeover of your home or just a refreshment. Undoubtedly, budget is always a constraint. We have segregated content after multiple comparisons of top articles and designed this blog with our top 10 ideas on how to decorate your home on a budget. A few pieces of art here and there in your living room, bedroom, and dining room are enough to make your home fully decorative and modern.

Having said that it is important to have the right guidance and suggestions. The right information will help you choose the right items and materials as per your room and space. We often buy decor items just by looking at images and videos. Or we get influenced by top designers and trustworthy decorators. There is nothing wrong with getting influenced or taking inspiration. However, it is very important to understand your space and read your room and then invest in decor items.

In this blog not only have we suggested ideas but have also tried to guide you on whether you should choose it or not. A lot of our money is wasted on buying the wrong decor items. Hence, read our blog and try to understand how these ideas will add to your space before investing. This way you will never regret investing and a lot of your money will be saved automatically.

1. Customized Art | decorate your home on a budget

A very cheap and easiest way to decorate your home is using customized pieces of art. It can be anything may be your handmade paintings on a canvas or your collection of photographs if photography is your hobby. If you are into embroidery and work of threads you can always customize a table cloth, curtains, sofa covers, and whatnot. Certainly, displaying your hobby onto your walls, tea table, or side table is a great way to decorate. You will hardly have to invest much. You can make your entire home pop in colors as your work of art can be displayed anywhere you like.

Also if you love doing craft works, then yes do display them. Small pieces of gestures like painting a vase, making artificial flowers, or adding a headboard will be a very affordable idea to go with. You can also make or buy wind chimes a very cheap yet attractive idea. Creating a family gallery is another very attractive idea that one can pick. If not family gallery you can always go for your own portraits in your bedroom and living room.

2. Creative Wooden Shelves

Yes! the best way you can decorate your home with is the wooden shelves without compromising on anything. Not only they are modern pieces but also is very meaningful. You can use them in so many ways like you can make an interesting bookshelf of your favorite collections using them. Especially floating shelves are a great piece for purpose of decorating. The best part about them is their versatility you will be amazed to see how easily they blend with your walls. These shelves are great for storage purposes also they make a statement of their own.

Designers and decorators incorporate these shelves beforehand. If they were to be believed you can very safely install them. The durability of them is worth your investment. Take a cue from our exclusive collection of wooden shelves:

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3. Be Creative with Curtains | decorate your home on a budget

Anyone and everyone can go for this idea. No restrictions or no criteria. Be as creative as you can be with your curtains. You can create your own tiebacks, or you can add curtain scarfs. These two ideas alone can make a huge impact on your home. You will be amazed to see the final results. You can either purchase them or create your own using DIYs. Tiebacks look gorgeous when designed properly. You can match them with the prints on the curtain or simply go for embroidered laces and balls. You have a huge space here to experiment with curtains. As people notice your curtains and hence it can be really impactful.

The best part about this idea is you have a full hand to play. It is completely up to you, as to how and what kind of a look you wish to create.

4. Paint One of Your Furniture

If you have any old wooden tables or chair painting one of them can be really modern and creative. They will bring colors and brightness into your space. You can easily keep them anywhere you like, be it in your living room, dining room, or bedroom. They will make a statement of their own. They will even act as a centerpiece and attract many eyes. You can make an antique piece at your home with your old items simply by painting them.

You can choose your favorite colors. However, it is advisable to paint with bright and deep shades like red, royal blue, yellow or you can also mix all of them and create a masterpiece of art. Add a small cushion and arrange a comfortable sitting. Leave it alone, and you will be shocked to see how classy it can look.

5. Bring in Hanging Baskets | decorate your home on a budget

A very aesthetic way to decorate your home is by bringing hanging baskets. You can go for both artificial and natural plants. However, prefer bringing in natural hanging plants. The warmth and freshness they will bring are matchless. You can paint those pots and make them more colorful and attractive. You can even design those pots and bring more color into your space. Or you can simply buy crafted pots and then hang them. Go for plants that have flowers in them it will be more impactful. Other than decor these indoor plants can be very helpful in eliminating harmful pollutants from your home.

6. Bring String Lights

String lights are another very affordable way to have a decorative home. They are cheap and easily available online and in local markets. You can string them up or simply make a ball out of them and showcase it on your table. They can be arranged on the curtains or allow them to drop down the curtains. It will be magical to watch it light up your entire space. You can also set them up on your floating wooden shelves or any other shelves around your house. They will make an impact where ever they are set up.

7. Bring In Rugs | decorate your home on a budget

Rugs have the power to instantly transform your entire home. You will have a very classy and royal home. It is advisable to bring in area rugs that cover large spaces. This will help you in having a decorated home with minimum effort. Though this can be a little tough on your budget it’s a one-time investment and with the impact, these rugs can create, no other decorative item can. They can be easily cleaned, however, follow the instructions which are told by the seller. Good quality rugs can do not lose their shine after washing. Go for bright jewel and earthy tones, they bring warmth and beauty.

You can easily use them around your sofa set or dining table. It will work great. You may also like to place it near the entertainment section in your living room.

8. Give Attention to Your Walls

All said and done the best part to furnish your home is to give focus to your walls. Be it your bedroom walls, living room walls, or dining room walls. Giving proper attention to your walls can be a very smart choice as you can do a lot of things with your wall. Something that seems very much in trend is the metal wall decors. Be it frames, or other floral hanging pieces. They are quite active and popular these days in the decor world.

If you want detailed information on how and what to do with your walls, read our blog Top 7 Easy Wall Hanging Ideas in 2021

Hope the blog has been informative enough for you to guide you to plan a perfect piece of wall art. Feel free to drop in your suggestion in the comment section below.

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