Does gardening mean having acres of land? Absolutely not. You can easily create a mini garden of your own in your home and on the rooftop. Trust me this will be really fun and exciting. Having plants at home can be a trigger for peace and good mental health. These urban cities and their gaiety has somewhere distracted the calmness and positivity of gardens and nature. However, our tips to start rooftop gardening can help you achieve those nature vibes that you have been missing.

Considering your love for nature we have curated the best tips that will surely help you in improving your rooftop garden. Or if you don’t have one, and you are planning one? You have clicked to the right blog with our information we will put an end to your searches. This blog will surely help you get the right and apt information that you need.

Here goes our best 7 tips:

1. Always go for a Flexible Garden | Tips for Rooftop Gardening

The easiest way to get a rooftop garden is to go for a flexible garden. They can be very easily managed by a beginner. If you are new or experienced in gardening always go for flexible ones as they can be managed alone by you. You save extra bucks. You can easily change places as per your and the plant’s requirements. Go for creative containers and plant pots they help you make your garden really beautiful. You can also go for pot stands, they are very helpful in keeping your rooftop clean and is also flexible. With pot stands, you can fill your entire roof with plants and still leave a lot of space for walking and sitting.

The greatest advantage of movable pot stands is their mobility in changing their place. It is advisable to keep the gardening area open and airy. Any area when kept open they look large. So to your advantage, your mini-garden will naturally look big. Hence allocate a place where you can keep them open. And in bonus, your plant gets natural light and air. When designed in this way your small collection of plants help you demarcate your garden.

So, you can do this by opting for transparent glass for boundary or shading purposes. You can also go for overhead shades. They are cheap and easily available. And are best in protecting your plants with scorchy sunlight.

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2. Choose Plants that are Tall

Want a full natural garden feeling? Then choose plants that are tall by nature. They help you in maximizing space. Having only a few of them would be enough and satisfactory. You won’t have to buy a lot of them. You can keep them in the four corners, and see how instantly your roof transforms into a garden. With only a few plants on your roof, you can maintain and take care of them easily. You can give proper attention to each one of them. Eventually, helping you get flourished plants.

They help you in hiding bad views and also protect your privacy from neighbors. Plan a dinner date with family and friends amidst those tall plants, they won’t stop complimenting your creativity and your garden. With tall plants, you can even opt for raised beds for planting. They are a great way to give proper fences to your plants. Plants become very easy to manage and watering becomes fun. Your rooftop will no more get lodged with water, it will be clean always.

List of tall plants that you can bring into your garden:

  • Bamboo
  • Bougainvillea
  • Palm plants
  • Dragon tree

Another easy way to get a full-fledged garden is using a lot of hanging plants. Yes, hanging plants are the best beauty you can gift to your rooftop gardening. They can be used as a decorative piece and at the same time adds to your collection of plants. Isn’t it really cool?

List of hanging plants that can be both decorative and helpful:

  • English Ivy
  • Pothos
  • String of pearls
  • Orchid
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3. Play Around with a Variety of Plants | Tips for Rooftop Gardening

Having varieties of plants can be a great choice. However, do add your favorites but playing with different categories can be really fun and exciting. This way you can have a huge collection of plants, and isn’t gardens all about having varieties?. You will forever be entertained with those mini and tall plants. If you are someone whose hobby is gardening? This is the best plan you can opt for.

As we already talked about tall plants. You can simply collaborate on both ideas. Get yourself few tall plants and then fill the gaps with other varieties of plants. You can go for small plants, shrubs, and other plants that have medicinal benefits. Few medicinal plants that you can grow:

  • Mint
  • Aloe vera
  • Curry leaves
  • Ajwain
  • Coriander
  • Tulsi

Small flower plants that you must have:

  • Rose
  • Gloxinia
  • Poinsettia
  • Jasmine
  • Hibiscus

Fill in your Rooftop with these and vollah! You have a full feal real garden.

4. Plan Furniture Smartly

Adding furniture to your rooftop garden is the best thing. They can make your rooftop garden the best part of your home. However, always pre-plan and analyze the kind of furniture you want. Always plan to keep in mind what exactly do you want from your garden. Is it only for plants? Or you also want to plan gatherings?. Or simply a resting place. Hence plan as per your need. You can go very simply and add side benches.

In case you have a small space you can simply add wrought iron chairs. Make sure they are painted. Whether you have a huge space or a small space you can really go for hammocks. Aren’t they really cool?. Bean bags and folding chairs can be another cheap and easy option for small spaces. If you want something where you can relax and read a book or listen to music, then chaises are the best option.

However, always remember to get a furniture that is whether resistant or else you will fall in a great trouble.

5. Proper Lightening | Tips for Rooftop Gardening

When you can plan for rooftop gardening then why not make it your favorite spot. With proper lighting, your rooftop can be your best place for planning birthdays and gathering parties. You will be that one host where your guests will look forward to revisits. And how is that possible? well if you really invest smartly in lightening on your rooftop gardening. Under your budget, you can simply go for fairy or string lights. They certainly work marvelously at night giving your space a rich vibe.

Before lightening always consider your wall color. Try to collaborate with colors, they work magically. If you are yet to paint then try to go for two to three collaborative colors. Using two-three colors on the rooftop is in trend. Other lights that you can opt for are the artificial moon LED lights. You can scatter them on your floor. They provide a very classy look. A very practical lightning item is the shielded lights and solar lights. Both of them are very practical and useful. Make your terrace your heaven.

6. Flooring

Before opting for any flooring always remember your climate conditions. The most popular flooring of the rooftop is if wood. As they are very classy and provides a luxurious look. They also help in complementing your furniture. Stones and concrete flooring are other great options you can go with. Tiles are the most traditional and common way of flooring. They are very budget-friendly, and at the same time helps you have a great look.

friendship: two young women relax in hammock, summer,

The most durable material for rooftop is limestone. However, you can always collaborate on woods and stones. As they provide a very modern look to your roof.

7. Design a Centrepiece | Tips for Rooftop Gardening

Designing a centerpiece gives a focal point to any space. So why keeping your rooftop away from it. You can go for real luxurious centerpieces by adding a small fountain and chacuzi. Other Centerpieces can be picked by considering the furniture you have chosen. You can simply go for Bouquets and vases on your tables. Or lanterns filled with floral. You can place them in a scattered pattern.

The most easiest and budget friendly option is you can simply make your favorite plant your centerpiece.

Hope you have found this blog informative and that this will help you and your loved ones in planning and improving your rooftop gardening. Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comment section, your suggestions and reviews are always welcomed here.

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