From harmful outdoor pollutants to toxic indoor pollutants, undoubtedly air pollution has become a concerning health threat in the truest sense. As revealed by WHO indoor air pollution was responsible for 3.8 million deaths in the year 2016. The number here clearly speaks about how indoor air pollutants contribute to outdoor pollution. For this reason, we all should purify our indoor air quality for our own betterment in the long run. Toxins enter our homes through electrical appliances, stoves, smoke, alcohol, new clothes, carpets, lubricants, paints, and many such common sources that are not avoidable. The most promising and economical approach to eliminate indoor air pollutants is by keeping indoor plants that clean, purify and improve air quality at home. Yes, you heard it right! Besides providing us with oxygen plants also help us purify our air quality.

Do indoor plants help air quality? do you also have the same question? let me answer it for you. Yes, indoor plants do help the air quality. According to a report by NASA, the roots of such plants and their associated microorganism destroys the harmful toxic element of the air and then eventually converts them into new plant tissue.

Keeping in mind the busy schedules of everyone and the need of improving air quality we have segregated the top 10 indoor plants that purify air quality and are easily available with minimal maintenance.

1. Gerbera Daizy | Indoor Plants that Purify Air

You can easily get this bright flower plant in any local florist or gardening store. They can be found in more or less all colors except blue. A perfect plant for purifying air quality as they can be easily stored in the bedroom. It can survive in indirect light and additionally produces a high rate of oxygen at night. Isn’t it cool?

Afternoon sunlight can make the flower wilt and scorch, however, morning sunlight works great. Hence it is important to find a spot where balanced sunlight reaches. Did you know they too are sun trackers just like sunflowers? don’t they look alike too?

Health Benefits | Care for Plants that improve Air Quality

Eliminates trichloroethylene, benzene and carbon dioxide.

They don’t demand high maintenance. All you have to do is water them deeply on a daily basis. Keep in mind that the pot has proper holes for drainage. Cut the stems when they wilt. That’s about it.

2. English Ivy

Ever wished for plants in a hanging basket? come on we all have. Let me give you the best combo. Take the hanging basket plant and at the same time purify the air quality you breathe. How about getting both of them in one. Yes, with this plant you get both. They can easily blossom under full shade, indirect light is the caretaker for them. The sophisticated feature of this plant is that they are great medicinal plants in the field of medico. No wonder right?

Health Benefits | Care for Indoor Plants that Purify Air

Removes toxins like benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, toluene and carbon monoxide.

Easy to care for they can adapt to any soil. They do not harm other plants around and do not demand daily watering hence maintain proper drainage holes in the pot.

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3. Marginata

Commonly known as Dragon Tree and is one of the cheapest plants you can choose. They increase humidity and removes the problem of dry air. They don’t need direct sunlight, medium-light or indirect light is sufficient. The coolest and interesting fact is you can also use this as a decor item in the corner of your homes and even on dining tables. Increases concentration, and focus if placed in the living room.

Health Benefits | Care

Reduces toxic chemicals like benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene. They also absorb lead.

They don’t demand frequent watering, water them only when the top 1-2 inches of the soil is dry, and are also easy to look after as no special care is required for their growth.

4. Peace Lily | Indoor Plants that Purify Air

They are also known as Cobra Plant. Indeed a great flower plant, other than air purification they are the best in encouraging good sleep and, therefore, is the best bedroom plant. For this reason, they can easily survive without sunlight. In other words, you can certainly take this plant as an ornamental plant on your table, shelves, or any other corner of your house.

You can keep them in your washrooms and kitchen as they can prevent mildew formation and mold spores from places where there is high moisture.

Health Benefits | Care

Reduces benzene, xylene, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide. They also help in removing the radiation from computers and television.

They are easy to grow as very low maintenance is required, you can fertilize them once a year and that will be sufficient. Frequent watering is not needed helping you with your busy schedules as they can tolerate dry soil.

5. Mother in Law’s Tongue | Plants that improve Air Quality

They are also known as Snake Plant and are one of the most popular indoor plants that purify air quality. Only if you knew how easy it is to plant them. They are tolerant to both bright light and under shade as a result you don’t have to worry while choosing their spot, they are easy to place. One very interesting fact about this evergreen plant is that they occasionally produce small white flowers! yes, flower. isn’t it beautiful?

Health Benefits | Care

Absorbs nitrogen oxides, trichloroethylene, benzene and formaldehyde improving the indoor air quality.

The lowest maintenance any plant can demand. You literally have to do nothing for them, yes you read it right because they seem to grow on ignorance. however, watering once a month is appreciated. Let me give you one more point on how much low maintenance this plant can get, you can skip fertilizing if you are happy with its size. Yes, really you can.

6. Bamboo Palm

Palm family has always been among the top choices when it comes to indoor plants because of how purifying they are to the indoor air quality and how well they can survive under shades. They are very soothing to the ambiance as they give out positive vibes and look very beautiful when fully grown which is up to 5 to 7 feet. They bring brightness and warmth with their greenery.

Health Benefits | Care for Indoor Plants that Purify Air and Quality

Removes harmful chemicals like benzene, carbon dioxide, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde besides these they also provide more oxygen into the house.

They are easy to grow all you have to do is maintain good quality soil and proper drainage holes in the pot. Water them when the soil feels dry.

7. Warneckei | Plants that improve Air Quality

They can be easily kept in a room where sunlight enters through, though over-bright sunlight should be avoided. It is one of the favorites when it comes to indoor plants that purify air quality as they are great to look at and at the same time provide you with the perfect charm. This can easily be used as a piece of decor and at the same time it will give out positivity and color to the environment.

Health Benefits | Care

Eliminates trichloroethylene and benzene.

A low maintenance indoor plant. Watering needed only when the top layer of the soil is dry.

8. Mass Cane | Plants that improve Air Quality

Also known as Corn Plant has made a great way in offices and homes. Lucky ones can witness white flowers, though it’s rare they do produce flowers occasionally. A very unique feature that they possess is they are slow in both growths and in reacting. They are a piece of beauty that you can use as an ornament and showcase in your homes as they have a great tolerance towards indoor lighting coping well with your interiors.

Health Benefits | Care

They successfully eliminate formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene, and xylene.

Watering is easy while fertilizers should be avoided. Maintain good drainage in the pot.

9. Aloe Vera | Indoor Plants that Purify Air

I am sure you already know this plant for its healing properties. Did you know that this indoor plant purifies air quality? Yes, it does. It’s the cheapest and the easiest to get your hands on. Innumerable benefits with an attractive look this one certainly serves best as an indoor plant. You can very conveniently keep the plant in your bedroom and kitchen window they stay healthy with minimum sunlight and survives well under shade.

Health Benefits | Care

Eliminates formaldehyde and carbon dioxide while giving out more oxygen around its area.

Can be easily maintained in balanced sunlight. Frequent watering is not required as over-watering can damage its roots, provided the pot has at least one drainage hole.

10. Chinese Evergreen | Plants that improve Air Quality

The most durable indoor plant that purifies air is Chinese Evergreen. They hardly have any ideal conditions for growth as they are very flexible and tolerates any poor condition and yet will flourish and look beautiful. The most friendly and healthy-looking plant that you can keep indoor. For this reason, they are in high demand and their look encourages them to be used as ornamental pieces.

Health Benefits | Care for Indoor plants that Purify Air

It’s an indoor plant that purify air by eliminating formaldehyde and benzene.

A very low-maintenance plant because of its ease of care. The effort of watering it moderately is the only thing you need to do.

Bless your homes with good and activated energy by minimizing harmful pollutants and maximizing the pure quality of air at home. You see how easy and hassle-free can keeping indoor plants be, with innumerable benefits with minimum effort. Even if you are a beginner in the field of gardening these plants serves best for you and at the same time you get what you were looking for. Shop among the best Interior Design and Home Furnishing products here. Follow Us on InstagramPinterest for more ideas.

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