It is always a struggle to follow up with the latest trends when it concerns your own home. However, the number of constant updates on modern kitchen designs and ideas has led to more confusion. Everyone has something to say and suggest. But for common people like us who design at their convenience needs a proper understanding of what is trending.

Kitchens are the most important part of our homes. It is no more a debate on how much time we Indians spend in our kitchen, but how about making it a comfortable and exciting experience with our modern techniques? considering our motto to help you with perfect modern designs and decor we have curated the top 10 easy-to-understand designs and clever ideas for you to help design your own space.

1. Bold Color Choices | Modern kitchen designs and ideas

Let’s bring 2021 on with exciting bright colors. Yes, you read it right kitchens with bright colors are the new normal. We have a new set of neutral colors oh well if I could put it in the right way”new bold set of neutral colors”. Gone are the days when you kept the kitchen light and quiet, it’s time we make our kitchens dark and bold.

Olive green, Red, Blue hues, Orange, and Yellow are the new normal colors for the kitchen. We are always finding ways to make our living room and bedroom bright and lively, it’s time we give attention to making our kitchen lively. However, you can naturally pair these bright colors with neutral colors for the perfect look one such combined color is Pantone.

These colors are here to stay for a longer time period. So, practically if you go for any of the one color combinations you will at least have a modern look for more than 5 years. Colors are the prime category that sets up the trend. So it’s a safe option if you plan to paint for a long time. Colors influence the current fashion. Therefore, these unexpected shades of colors are sure to make your kitchen a modern and eye-catching space.

2. Experiment in Tiles Layout

How can your kitchen be completed without tiles?. Be it modern or traditional tiles have a permanent space in your kitchen. So feel free to experiment with tiles as per the requirements. Using a perfect match tile with either your neutral shades or brighter shades will give you a luxurious look. You will be amazed by your own creativity. Or you can simply go contrast. Contrasts are the new twist in the modern looks in every sphere.

Tiles help you form the formation of the basics of your kitchen. So, choose tiles that reflect your overall idea of the kitchen. Tiles can be very experimenting as it alone has the potential to give sophisticated design to your space. Decorative ceramic and marble tiles are very trendy these days, as they give a very natural space for Wall Decor items. Shop highly creative and unique Wall Decor items with

If you wish to add volumes to your kitchen go with geometric patterns or printed tiles. Concrete tiles are something new and worth a try. Simplicity is never out of fashion is a perfect example here. As white plain tiles are still in fashion. So if you are someone who wishes to keep things simple white and plain tiles are for you. The best part about white is they can be easily paired with any colors. So choosing your preferred colors are still intact.

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3. Chose Surfaces that Reflects Statement | Modern kitchen designs and ideas

Surfaces are key to stay in the trend. Experimenting with these surfaces is a smart choice to stay relevant. Surfaces help you not compromising on colors. Everyone wants a kitchen that holds a statement that reflects their personal choice. However, choosing one such surface can be challenging.

Surfaces reflecting statements have the power to transform the elegance and class of your interior. Big bold patterns and oversized designs are some surfaces that have very high potential and creativity. However, choosing water-repellant surfaces can be very helpful. Other surfaces that you can consider are natural stone surface, glass, wood, dekton, concrete, and the very popular yet always modern engineered stone.

You can always chose surfaces that fills your kitchen requirement as it is the most practical and helpful approach.

4. Downdraft Extractors

A very latest and trendy thing to for in your modern-looking kitchen is downdraft extractors. Downdraft extractors are nothing but a chimney that can help you to have the most modern kitchen in terms of technology. You can go very new and trendy with this innovative gadget, unlike many extractors or chimneys that are placed overhead above the stove. This is the most clever and concealed appliance you can add to your kitchen.

They are concealed behind your stove and rises when in use. They extract the steam at the origin itself. Thus preventing any spread of food smell and steam. This gadget helps you in saving space and at the same time helps you get a clean look. The overhead space can be used for statement lights or any other fashionable design. Or you can also make your overhead space to hang cooking containers. They serve great in being handy and practical. Isn’t it the most modern thing you can add to your kitchen?

They are really flexible and helps you design your kitchen with ease. You won’t have to worry about where to find a perfect place for the stove and the extractor anymore. You can place the stove where you like with the flexible downdraft extractors.

5. Add Hot Water Taps | Modern kitchen designs and ideas

We know the constant need for Hot Water in the kitchen and the wastage of time and energy in boiling the water. Stuck with modern problems? so go with modern solutions. Add hot water taps into your kitchen. The practicality and Helpfulness this tap is going to provide you with is beyond words.

Give yourself the instant help that you have been longing for in your kitchen. Certainly, hot water taps are going to be the most sought approach in the coming times. And why not? aren’t they worth it?. In 2021 ” hot water taps” have reached the peak of popularity for search interest in India.

Though there are various types of hot water taps available. You can choose from instant electronic taps to traditional geyser-connected taps. They are very helpful in making teas, cleaning the kitchen surfaces, and washing dishes. Hot waters help you clean easily and effectively.

6. Creative Storage Space

Proper storage is the best thing you can do for your kitchen. So it is always a smart choice to invest in better pantries and shelves. You can make your storage areas innovative by adding doors and beautiful handles. Or go modern with handle-free looks. Technology has become so advanced that you can add push-open doors or tap open-close doors. They give a very clean and tidy look.

Handle-less cupboards and pantry is the latest trend. Storage spaces have captured a sturdy place in the kitchen forever and still have one. They are the must-haves of your kitchen, without which you will have an incomplete look. Adding a pantry into your kitchen can be the best option. They reduce the need for multiple cupboards. For this reason, your kitchen will have a lot of spaces for other Decor items. All your food items will have a proper set of place giving you a clutter-free look.

Your kitchen will always be organized. You can certainly go for luxurious looks by opting for cabinetry styles or small larders in the kitchen.

7. Practical concealed kitchen | Modern kitchen designs and ideas

Practical concealing of appliances and storage areas is really in trend. You can get a really technically advanced kitchen with this idea of concealing most areas of the kitchen. With finger sensor doors you can hide all your electronic gadgets with one touch, Isn’t it cool?. They help you optimize space in your kitchen, and gives a spacious look.

We also have highly advanced drawers with appliances attached. Most innovations and technology are seen in this type of concealed kitchen. We have a lot of gadgets in the kitchen which occupy space and attention. However, you can do this without going too technical by making pantries. Considering the space required by the appliance pantries and cupboards must be designed.

This idea of the kitchen allows you to have a dining space attached to your kitchen, though this seems difficult if you have a small space. No more with practical concealing of electronic appliances. Appliances like microwaves, coffee makers, toasters, and grinders are the most common things that you can easily hide and save spaces.

8. Contrased kitchen

Contrasted or two-toned kitchens are to be seen trending in 2021. The first thing we ever do is try and match, this stereotype is being avoided in this modern generation. The decade will be filled with a combination of two contrasting colors instead of a matched combination. This again is the new modern twist for your kitchen. we have earlier talked about going bold with combining neutral colors. Certainly, you can see a twist of colors there too.

It completely boils down to personal choices and preferences. Contrasting colors give freedom in designing pantries and cupboards. They allow a lot of space for Decor items to enter. As they give a tone that is open and clean. With this type of kitchen, you get a lot of innovative textured patterns to play with. Undoubtedly, this style gives excitement and interesting things to explore.

9. Painted Furniture | Modern kitchen designs and ideas

If you are someone who loves to add furniture? but these modern designs do not go with your love for furniture. You are certainly wrong. These designs do talk about furniture. However, they have modern twists to them. We are sure you will love this trendy idea of painted furniture. Though the colors are going bold and dark there is still so much space for light colors. By painting your kitchen furniture you can easily add light colors to your kitchen.

In this idea, you can use dusky pink, light grey, playful green, and blue can be your choice of colors. They will surely add refreshment and brightness to the dark-themed kitchen.

10. Open space kitchen

No more special corners for kitchen with open space kitchen. This type of modern kitchen idea allows the combining of the living room, kitchen, and dining room. They give the most creative-looking kitchen and at the same time allows the person in the kitchen to stay connected with the living area and dining area.

They are comfortable providers. However, they affect the privacy of the kitchen. As the name suggests “open kitchen” nothing here is practically hidden. As you save a lot of space, there is so much scope for better interiors. These types of kitchens are a great savior for small area owners. However, large area owners too can go with this type of kitchen. As they give out a very modern look.

Dining islands can be made really attractive with an open space kitchen. Though always keep your kitchen’s design in mind. You may spoil your kitchen look by giving too much attention to dining islands. Hence it is important to balance these two.

We hope that we have reduced your confusion regarding Modern kitchen designs and ideas. And that this blog has been helpful to you. Try to design your kitchen keeping these modern ideas. Feel free to drop in your views on these modern designs in the comment section. We love to hear your views, as they encourage us to write more of such informative blogs.

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