What is plant wall decor? Or how can we create this in our homes? Right? Don’t worry we will solve all your queries. To begin with, plant wall decor is nothing but a structure of plants on the walls or plants covering the wall. In addition to this, it is created using ropes or the other installation mode we choose. Only one style that considers your love for plants and at the same time your space management. This also allows you to break the monotonous act of always keeping the plants on the ground or the balcony. Making it look more creative and innovative. In case you have pets at home, this will also help you to keep your plants safe from pets.

Also if your prime motive is to create a wall decor that stands out? Consider creating plant wall decor.

Basic Questions That Strikes Our Mind While Planning Plant Wall Decor:

  • Firstly, it completely depends on what kind of mode are you choosing to create this decor.
  • Secondly, how much of time and effort are you willing to put in maintaining this decor.


You will get innumerable ways of hanging or fixing the plants on the wall.

  • Starting from ropes, yes the basic way with which you can install plant wall decor at home is via ropes. Very cheap and handy.
  • Floating or hanging wooden shelves, planters, boards, frames, hanger, pouches, and containers. All of these can be hanged or fixed onto the wall depending upon your choice.
  • There are many metal hanging racks, hangers and bars that comes in pair of two or three. You can easily get your hands on these in a local gardener shops or online.
  • Leaning stands made for plants.
  • Wall mounted rectangular or square plant boxes.
  • Metal peg board


As the name suggests this style is highly dedicated to walls. You can easily create this decor in your living room, dining room, kitchen, and bedroom. All you have to do is find the right wall that you want to fill with plants. For this, you need to read your home thoroughly. Note that you can also create a mini plant wall decor, you don’t really have to create a huge one.

Now that you have a basic idea of how this structure is created let’s understand these different installations mode deeply:

1. Hanging Plant Wall Decor

This mode of installation is very friendly to any space in your home. You can easily install this mode on any of the walls you wish. In case you want to have plants in your bedroom, you can create this from the ceiling. Try to horizontally hang multiple plants so that it gives you a clean look. You can also make it look lavish by placing a mirror of your preferred shape and size. The mirror will help in creating a reflection of the plants. This will not only bring greenery into your room but also will create a focal point.

You can also make use of ropes to hang the plant containers. They are really easy to implement and maintain. For creating hooks for the rope you can be really innovative by bringing a wooden branch. This will act as a hook for other plants to hang. For LIVING ROOMS it is advisable to go for hanging pockets and pouches. The reason behind this is that it is small and won’t take much of your space. They give a very natural look, without asking for much maintenance. In addition to these, you can also opt for hangers.

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2. Floating Wooden Shelves

These shelves and racks are also known as wall planters. They are very affordable and helps in maintaining cleanliness. You can easily incorporate these into your kitchen, living room, and dining room for keeping plants. These floating shelves instantly give you the plant wall decor that you have been wanting. Undoubtedly, the easiest way of creating this wall decor at home. You can also go for wall-mounted shelves, and then fill them with your favorite plants. For a better and more enhancing look, you can also add a hanging bar above these shelves. Or for that matter, you can also use a plain wooden shelf and then add the bar. With wooden shelves, you get a lot of storage space so you can also use one of the shelves for keeping your favorite books.

3. Leaning Wooden Or Metal Stands

They are similar to the shelf style. However, they are more fun to have as you can have plenty of plants at home. They have a great space for storing plants. Depending upon the plants you want to store the size and shape of the ladder varies. The depth of the shelves should be the prime concern. For bringing these ladders or stands you might need space however, these stands come in small sizes as well. Once you fill the stand with plants, this will become the most decorative portion of your home. If by any chance you can arrange it near a window, it will become the most relaxing space for your evening tea. Also if you want to make an important call this area will help you have a perfect ambiance for it.

4. Bring Terraiums

Terrariums are nothing but a container made of glass or metal especially for containing plants. They come in both hanging and wall mounting patterns. Be it hanging or mounting they look equally beautiful hence we can’t pick one. However, it is significant to choose the right pieces as some terrariums are made especially for hanging and some specific ones for mounting. The materials used for making these pieces vary greatly. For watering the plants you will have to remove the terrariums otherwise your entire home will get messed up.

5. Wooden Or Metal Peg Boards

With hanging wooden boards you can easily create a wall planter. Get yourself a board that has plant holders incorporated. This will help you in having an easier experience hassle-free. You can also experiment with trellis, they too serve the same purpose and looks more decorative than plain boards. Another type of board is a pegboard that comes in both wooden and metal. They look really pretty when properly structured in a living room. There are a lot of wooden frames with pot fixtures made on them. These boards too look attractive. You can decorate it with string lights.

For further guidance on what indoor plants to choose, read Best Indoor Plants that clean and Purify Air | Improve Air Quality

Hope the blog has been informative enough for you to guide you in planning and understanding how to create plant wall decor for your home. Feel free to drop in your suggestion in the comment section below.

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