Your home is where you find peace and have the freedom to explore your creativity. You can explore your style and design your home as per your preference. Everybody loves a beautifully decorated home but everyone has the opportunity to work with an interior designer. Luckily you can design some amazing decor on your own with just a touch of creativity and some guidance. Let us discuss some simple DIY home decor ideas that are simple yet modern to fit the ambiance of your home. All you would need is to collect some mason jars, tins, and colors around the house, and also some time and a level of motivation. 

1. Painted and Decorated Items | Simple DIY Home Decor

Painted mason jars 

If you find a lot of mason jars or other glass jars collecting waste around your house then bring them together to make some great art pieces. Color them with multiple colors, add some glitters and flowers to their surface, and add them to any of your shelves. You can also use jute ropes to decorate and craft beautiful home decor. You can use them as flower pots, pen stands, or just static decor for your bedside table.

DIY Painting Decor | Simple DIY Home Decor ideas

Glass Bottles as Flower Pots

Similar to the mason jars you can use glass bottles for your DIY home decor. Beautifully decorated glass bottles can not only be used as flower pots but also as vases for your tables. If you wondering about glass painting then use acrylic paints for the best results. 

Painted Rocks 

Rocks may often seem like they are lying around with no purpose but you can use them to uplift your home decor standards. This is a simple DIY decor idea that can give beautiful results. You can paint different-sized rocks in various ways to form a garden and home entrance. This can also be a good activity to perform with your kids.

2. DIY projects using fabric 

Cushion cover with waste fabric 

Tired of looking at your old cushion covers then you need to make some with the extra pieces of fabric cluttering your home. You can create numerous designs and patterns using useless clothes in your wardrobe. You can create pom pom designed or ruffled-edged pillow covers. If you are not capable of sewing then use glue to stick the edges of the pillow cover.

DIY Fabric Decor | DIY Home Decor Ideas

Other Decor pieces with old clothes 

If you are good with crafting then you open yourself a variety of options to use old clothes for making beautiful home decor. You can make rugs using different fabrics, and also make some wall hangings. Fabric and textiles have numerous options to make DIY home decor.

3. Photo and Memory Display | DIY Home Decor Crafts Wall

Pinterest Photo walls

Collaging photos from Pinterest that match your vibe in your bedroom can create aesthetic decor. For this, you just need to collect all pins that interest you and place them as you like on the wall of your room. For cleaner looks, you can also frame the photos. You can also create a vision board using appropriate photos. 

DIY Photographs Wall | DIY Home Decor Craft Ideas Wall

Photo Calendar Display wall 

Making a photo calendar can be a good monthly activity as well as a beautiful piece of decor for your home. To make this take a hard canvas paper and take any of your favorite photos, add it to the canvas, and sketch out the calendar. To pop up the calendar add some chunky glitter stickers or some sparkly tape around the edges. 

Create a Family photo wall 

Having a family photo wall can not only uplift the look of your home but also be a great wall decor idea. Try an asymmetrical pattern of various family photographs which will boost the look of the blank wall in an elegant way

4. Recycled and Upcycled Decor | DIY Home Decor Ideas on Budget

DIY Hanging planters using Old Tyres 

Hanging planters can look exceptional but these can be an expensive purchase. But we can make our hanging planters using old car tyres. Just by painting the old tyres with vibrant colors, you can give them an elegant look. Add some garden soil to the tyres, plant your favorite flowers in them, and hang them in to desired place. DIY garden hanging planters can also be made with various other non-useable things in the house.

Recycled Decor | DIY Home Decor Ideas on Budget

Small planters for the kitchen with coffee mugs 

Sometimes you end up collecting a lot of coffee mugs that you are not using anymore. Utilize them to make amazing DIY kitchen decor. Pick out some multicolor mugs and plant some small plants like jade plants, air plants, etc. These can be kept in your kitchen window as well as on the kitchen cabinets.

5. Elevate your wall’s style 

Craft your wall decor 

People who are good with crafts can make amazing wall decor by using their skills. You can make things like wall hangings and dream catchers using items like fabric, paper, and painting. You can consider painting a good canvas painting and use it as home decor

Uplift your wall mirror 

Mirror Decor

If you think that your wall mirror doesn’t match the aesthetic of your home then you just some artificial flowers. Stick these flowers to the edges of your mirror and make your old mirror look modern and stylish. If you are good at painting then you can also something on your mirror to make it look aesthetic.

6. DIY Lighting Decor | DIY Home Decor Ideas

Candle holders 

To make your DIY candle holders take some old glasses or jars, add some small pebbles to the bottom of the glasses or jars, and place your candles inside the jars to make a beautiful candle holder. You can decorate your candle as per your style to match your room’s aesthetic. 

Lighting Wall Decor

String lights decor 

String lights can be an amazing solution to creating an aesthetic room decor. With string lights, you can uplift any part of your room. You can attach some of your photos to the string lights and hang them on your wall. Also, you can add small string lights to glass bottles and add flowers on the top to make lighted DIY flower pots. 

7. DIY Terrarium | DIY Home Decor

No Doubt terrariums are extremely beautiful but you might not know that will some little effort you can make your custom terrariums at your home. For this, you can choose any glass container which can be a vase, glass, or box. Add layers of soil, small pebbles, and some cute small artificial plants and animals. With just these your DIY terrarium is ready will not need any maintenance and at the same is equally beautiful.

DIY Terrarium | Modern DIY Home Decor ideas

Home decor can be no doubt an expensive thing but you do not always need to invest your money to buy high-end decor pieces to make your home look beautiful. With just investing some time and effort you can make some exceptional DIY home decor pieces in the comfort of your home. The tips and ideas we shared today are budget-friendly as well as they will turn out beautiful. Also when you create your DIY home decor pieces you not only save money but they are an experience to learn new skills and a fun activity.

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