Adding a houseplant to your living room is a great piece of interior design that adds texture, style, and vibrancy to your room. Indoor plants come with various health benefits. They are good for keeping the air and mood around them fresh. Also, they boost productivity in the house and help you keep mentally fit. If you are a novice gardener or an experienced plant expert, plants will add style to your home and also create a better environment. Decorating your room with indoor plants is not only an aesthetic piece of decor but also they are beneficial for your overall health. In this blog, we will be discussing some easy and helpful living room indoor plant decoration ideas.

1. Choose Right Plants 

Selecting the right type of indoor plant based on the environment and surroundings of your area is important for your plant to survive. While buying a new houseplant consider the following factors: 

Consider Light Levels 

Consider the light requirements of the plant before buying it. Whether the plant requires hours of direct sunlight or is low-light friendly. For the low light-friendly area you can choose plants like Snake Plant, and ZZ plant. In medium light areas try choosing Pothos, Spider Plant. Where plants like Fiddle leaf Figs and Succulents require high light exposure. Also, you should consider whether the plant requires dry air like a cactus or highly humid environments like a Prayer plant. 

Choosing Indoor plants | Indoor plants for living room

Size and Space 

You should also decide beforehand where will you be positioning that plant. If you are looking for plants for tables, shelves, or other small spaces then you must choose small-sized plants Cacti, Air plants, and Aloe vera. If you want to keep plants near your couch on the floor or any other big space opt for plants like Ficus Audrey Tree, Mass Cane floor plant, and others in the same category.

Maintenance Level 

When you are a beginner plant parent then you need to keep in mind that plants are like babies and they require continuous care. If you don’t have much time to take care of the plants then go for low-maintenance plants like Peace Lily, and Mass Cane floor plant. Also, you can consider buying artificial plants and flowers if you just need greenery as a part of home decor.

2. Creative Plant Display Ideas | Living Room Indoor Plant Decoration Ideas

After you are done choosing the right type of plants for your home the next step will be perfectly displaying them. There can be many ways you can display the indoor plants in your living room or any other part of your home. 

Shelving Units 

The most used and effective solution for displaying indoor plants is using shelving units. Either you can make space for your plants in existing shelves or get a designated shelf just for your plants. Place potted plants as per the space and environment on the shelves by making a nice display pattern. Make sure the plants are not overcrowded and are they have the required amount of light. 

Plants Placement ideas

Hanging Planters 

If you are someone struggling with floor space and wish to have indoor plants in your living room then the best option for you is to use hanging planters. Utilize ceiling hooks and macrame hangers to hang the planters. For this, you can get plants like Spider plant. 

Window Sills 

Window sills can be a perfect place for plants that require more natural light. You can small potted plants on the window sills of your room. This will not only add greenery to your room but will also create a nice view from your window. 

Plant Stands 

Using Plants stands to display your indoor plants can help in adding height and dimension to your room. You can elevate plant style using stylish stands. You can choose the plant stands to create height contrast in your living room. Either you can keep a solo plant stand or make a group of plants that go together.

3. Mixing and Matching Pots and Planters 

The type of pots and planters you choose for your plants will make a lot of difference in the style and presence of your plants. Choose your planters from various colors, sizes, shapes, and designs to create a varied look.

Types of Planters | Living Room Indoor Plant Decoration Ideas

There are many categories of planters but you should the ones that match the vibe of your overall room. Planters can be found in many different designs and patterns like rustic, bohemian, woven baskets, and metallic.

4. Incorporating Plants into Existing Decor | Indoor plants for living room

When you add plants to your room then it becomes important that they blend with your existing decor and vibe of your room. Blend your plants with the current decor and furniture pieces. Place plants on side tables, bookshelves, or coffee tables. 

Cover up Mistakes 

You can place plants to cover up the mistakes in your home, which could be a failed DIY project or any big crack in the wall which can be covered with a big plant near it. In this way, you not only enjoy greenery in your home but can also make it more beautiful and presentable.

Incorporate Plants with existing furniture

Upgrade a piece of Furniture 

Whether you have an empty coffee table or a messy bookshelf indoor plants will fix it all. You can small planters on your table and shelves. Also if you have that feels empty try adding some big plants on its side. This not only amplifies the look but will also add height and dimension to your room.

5. Seasonal and Thematic Plant Arrangements

Adding indoor plants is not only a one-time thing, you can keep changing and adding more plants as per the season and theme. Add bright flowers like anthurium plant in spring, lush green plants in summer, warm tones in autumn, and festive plants like Norfolk Island pine and bleeding heart vine in winter.

Themed Plants | Indoor plants for living room

Adding colored plants and seasonal plants will not only add a pop of color but will also make you feel fresh and energetic throughout the day. Adding shades of colors to plants will not let you be restricted to the green color of common plants and will also match the style and pattern of your home. 

6. DIY Plant Projects | Living Room Indoor Plant Decoration Ideas

It is optional to invest in expensive pots and planters or get lovely plants to make your home look elegant and classy. You can do some DIY plant projects in the comfort of your home. 

DIY Terrariums 

A terrarium is very similar to an aquarium but for plants, not fish. They are an excellent piece of decor and also easy to make and look like a small enclosed forest. To make a DIY terrarium you need a glass container like a vase or a glass box. Add a few layers of different types of rocks and sand to the container. After this add some big rocks on the top and then add plants like Peacock Moss, Mini Bolbitis, etc. 

DIY Plant Projects

Repurpose Planters 

No doubt getting beautiful planters can be a wallet-buster. So why not DIY beautiful planters at your home. For this, you can use old mugs, containers, or jars as unique plant pots. You can paint them and decorate them as per your style. They will turn out as beautiful planters for your little plants.

7. Caring for your Indoor Plants | Indoor plants for living room

After you get plants for your living room and arrange them to create a beautiful display, your work is not over. Taking continuous care of your plants is also necessary. After adding the plants you need to take care of the basic requirements of proper light, water scheduling, and humidity needs. 

Caring for Indoor Plants | Living Room Indoor Plant Decoration Ideas

Many people often ignore the needs of the plants and either they overwater the plants or expose them to more natural lights, which in turn leads to the plant dying. Also, the plant can be infected by pests or their leaves can turn yellow. Proper care of the plants is really necessary after adding them to your home. 

Having plants in your sweet home will not only add an amazing piece of decor but is also beneficial for your health as it purifies air, and boosts mental health and attention span. They can fill out empty spaces in your home and also at the same time give your home an edgy and modern look. Try incorporating indoor plants in your living room and also other rooms like your bedroom as it will help in improving your sleep cycle. Keeps yourself and your plants healthy. 

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