Indoor Plants are one of the best things you can do to your health inside your home. They serve a variety of benefits including Purifying Air, Improving the aura of home, etc. We understand your concern about choosing one or many of the Best Indoor Plants in India and solving the problem we are here with the list for the same. They are in random order and any plant at number 1 doesn’t necessarily mean it is better than a plant at number 10.

1. Snake Plant

This plant is also known as mother in law’s tongue. Rising directly from its roots in straight, sword like leaves. This ornamental plants also works as excellent air purifier. The snake plant is a very great home plant as it’s so easy to maintain. It performs well even in low light and clean the air by absorbing various VOCs

  • Care– easy to care.
  • Water– do not overwater as their roots are prone to root. In winters water them only once in several months.
  • Light– Flourishes both under bright as well as low sunlight.
  • Soil– can service in poor as well as dry soil conditions.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is also known as a miracle plant and can be found in almost every house in India. It has medicinal properties that rejuvenate, soothe and heal the body. Overall it is an amazing indoor plant because it looks good, you can use the gel for beauty and health purposes.

  • Light– requires bright, sunny conditions to grow.
  • Care– requires a moderate level of care.
  • Water– Keep in mind that aloe vera can not tolerate standing water so completely dry before you re-water.
  • Soil– It is recommended to use a commercially available package of cacti and succulent mix to ensure excess water drains out easily. To support this process, it’s better to use terracotta pots to grow aloe vera since they are porous.

3. Lucky Bamboo Plant

Its botanical name is Dracaena sanderiana. This plant is represented as the symbol of fortune and prosperity. The plant grows up to 2-3 feet in height. With some effective pruning, this plant can also be shaped in a variety of organic forms for decorative purposes.

  • Care– requires a moderate level of care.
  • Light– It can’t grow under direct sunlight, place it near a window so that it can receive direct sunlight.
  • Water- It needs to be changed once every two weeks.
  • Soil– Always use well-drained, rich potting soil.
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4. Money Plant | Best Indoor Plants in India

This is also one of the most common plant that could be found in Indian houses. Which is easy to grow in both soil and water. Money plant improves the overall air quality of the area. It helps in creating a harmonious environment and brings in prosperity.

  • Care– easy to maintain.
  • Light– avoid direct sunlight, it may harm its leaves. Keep in low light for better results.
  • Water– Once in a week is enough for this plant.
  • Soil– Sandy, peat moss-based soil that also allows for good drainage of water.

5. Areca Palm

With lush green, beautiful fronds, Areca palms make a striking addition to home interior. Its sturdiness ensures that it needs very limited care and maintenance. This plant can grow up to 7ft in height. It has multiple stems emerging from the base, green leaves in the shape of a butterfly, functions as a humidifier.

  • Care– require limited maintenance.
  • Light– need indirect sunlight, so could be placed near south or west-facing windows.
  • Water– regular chemical-free water and re-potting are required.
  • Soil– rich and acidic soil that drains well is required.

6. Peace Lily

Peace lily is a dark green plant with a few hooded lily flowers that are a welcome addition to any dull part of the home. Apart from being aesthetically appealing, peace lilies enhance indoor air quality. It has the capability to absorb all kind of air pollutants, and can be a great indoor decor element.

  • Care– Peace lily plants are easy to grow and care.
  • Light– requires little sunlight for better growth.
  • Water– need to be watered once a week.
  • Soil– best left moist, needs watering if it goes dry.

7. Spider Plant | Best Indoor Plants in India

Its botanical name is Chlorophytum comosum. The leaves of spider plant are long and slender, escorted with white and green stripings. They grow in downward position facing its stems tip towards earth. Spider plant also improves air quality by eliminating xylene and formaldehyde from the surrounding.

  • Care– These plants are very easy to maintain.
  • Light– expect direct sunlight it can grow anywhere even in artificial light.
  • Water– require regular watering.
  • Soil– any good quality can be used.

8. Flamingo Lily

Its botanical name is Anthurium andraeanum. This is an exotic looking plant, admired for its heart shaped flowers. Which are known as the spathe. Flamingo lily is effective in removing xylene, toluene, and ammonia from the air. This is one of the most versatile indoor plant you will keep in your room.

  • Care– requires a moderate level of maintenance.
  • Light– requires low sunlight than other houseplants.
  • Water– it depends on the type of environment you live in, if you live in hot and dry places then it is required to water the plant on regular basics and vice-versa.
  • Soil– moist soil with high organic is recommended.

9. Ferns

Its botanical name is Nephrolepis exaltata. Ferns are known to be one of the oldest species of plant on earth. The fronds of this plant are fresh and vibrant, and grow over or above the pot. Which makes it look more elegant and beautiful. It has amazing air cleaning properties as well and do not allow any pollutant in the room.

  • Care– require a moderate level of care.
  • Light– it flourishes well in low light, place the plant under a north or east-facing window.
  • Water– Ferns need regular watering.
  • Soil– mix soil with high organic content.

10. Weeping Fig | Best Indoor Plants in India

Its botanical name is Ficus Benjamina. The plant consists of many slender branches that bend out from the grey trunk. Its quality of purifying the air by cleaning away xylene makes it best indoor plant for houses in India.

  • Care– it is sensitive to a cold and a little bit difficult to care for.
  • Light– works well in sunlight and low-light as well.
  • Water– require regular watering.
  • Soil– any well-draining soil should suffice.

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