In this growing era of work-from-home culture people often ignore the fact not having a designated work-friendly setup can hamper their overall productivity. Designing a home office can not only make you more productive but will also help you keep yourself away from household distractions. In this blog, we will walk through the steps you can follow to design and set up a productive home office and that is also budget-friendly. We cannot always have a big space that can be used as your office area so we will also be talking about small home office design. Let’s dive in and see how you can design your dedicated workspace and enjoy your work.

Understanding your requirements 

Floor map of office

Before getting directly into setting up your home office you need to understand what are the requirements. Find a space that is away from household distractions and minimizes noise. If you are working on designing a small office and don’t have a designated area for it, then choose a part of your bedroom or living room for your space. Also, you need to know what you will be keeping in your home office, like would you want multiple screens and monitors or just a regular small area. 

According to your needs, measure and plan your area to locate your furniture and other pieces of your home office. Making a layout of the design can help you save time and energy when placing actual furniture.

Adding Furniture | Home Office Setup Ideas

After successfully analyzing your area you can move to choosing the furniture for your office. To keep your office elegant and calming choose furniture with evergreen and neutral combinations of white and rustic wooden colors.

Furniture for office | Home Office Setup Ideas

Desks or tables

Having a working table in your home office is a must-have product. You can go for height adjustable tables which will help you with your posture. If you have a small office area prefer adding a foldable or a wall-mounted table as it will help save some space.


A nice chair is really helpful in boosting your productivity and comfort. Try choosing a chair that rolls, reclines, and is also height-adjustable. All these features in your office chair will keep your posture and avoid back pain during long sitting hours. 

Enhancing storage space 

Storage for office

In an office area, you would need a good level of storage. It is often overlooked but it will directly affect your productivity. A cluttered space will directly affect your state of mind to work. So make sure to add enough shelves and cabinets. If you have a lot of books in your office, maintain a separate bookshelf to keep them arranged.

Focus on effective lighting | Productive Office Interior Designs

Lighting Solutions | Productive Office Interior Designs

Having good lighting is very critical for your home office. Try choosing a location that has better natural lighting to create a pleasant working environment. Natural light will help brighten up your area and also boost your mood and energy levels. 

If you don’t have an area that is exposed to natural light then you can add some artificial lighting to your office space. There are plenty of options available in artificial lights for your office, some of them are: 

Desk Lamps and LEDs

A desk lamp having adjustable brightness will be ideal for your workspace. You can choose LEDs to save energy and longevity. Do not choose harsh lighting instead prefer diffused lights as they minimize glare on screens. 

Aesthetic Lights

If you desire to give an aesthetic and cozy feel to your office space then you can add color-changing accent lights, string lights, and light therapy lamps. These options will enhance visibility as well as add a touch of style to your office.

Technology and Equipment 

Technology Equipments | Home office design ideas

If you are someone working in the field of tech then ensure your office space is fully equipped with all the necessary technologies which may include computers, high-speed internet, printers, and other equipment you may need. 

Also when working with computers you can have a lot of wires hanging around your desk that you would not like. You can collect all wires together with a simple cord tamer and fix them under your desk for a cleaner look. 

Accessorize and Personalize | Home Office Setup

Accessorize and Personalize

Make your home office a place where you enjoy working by adding some style to it and personalizing it. You can match your office style and vibe with your home. Try adding some art pieces, indoor plants and other decor items to give your office an elegance. You can add a nice rug on the office floor that will not only add pattern and color to your office but will also add warmth under your feet. 

To personalize your office add some family photos to the walls and desks to give a home-like feel. You can keep your comfort items like some throw pillows, a soft blanket. These items will make your office space more comfortable and inviting. 

Small space solutions 

Small Office Solutions | Small Home Office Interior Design

If you don’t have enough floor space to design a large office area then it becomes really necessary that you use the available space very effectively. There are so many ways with which you can make your available space look bigger. 

Light Colors

Painting your walls with light colors will not only add more light to your room but will also make your office look bigger and expanded. You can use combinations like white, beige and light greys to color your office.


Mirrors are one of the most effective solutions to create an illusion of space. Big mirror walls will add some depth and dimension to your office. They are also helpful in amplifying natural light as they distribute the light. Mirrors are also a statement decor piece. 

Compact furniture

Opt for furniture that will fit into small areas and improve the storage of your office. Also having pieces that are convertible and foldable will be space-effective. 

Art of Minimalism | Home Office Interior Design Ideas

Minimalistic decor

Whether you are designing your office in a separate room or making it in a small corner of your bedroom, it is really important to keep it simple and minimalistic. Add only things you need to your office and avoid unnecessary items. They will create extra clutter and also consume a lot of space that could have been used for more important things. Too many things in the office area that are in the visible region will create distractions and affect your productivity.

Enhancing Productivity 

Productivity in office | Home Office Setup Design

There are certain techniques that you follow to enhance your productivity and effectively manage your time. Try working in focused intervals with short breaks as it helps in reducing burnout. 

Plan your day on a Task board. You can use a simple whiteboard for this and plan either your whole at once or daily. Prioritize your work as per the importance. Designate different areas of your office for different tasks, for example, you can one area to brainstorm while others do critical tasks. 

Prioritizing Health 

Working for long hours in an area will surely affect your physical as well as mental health. Having a nice clutter and personalized will keep you calm and focused. Take short breaks between work to rest your mind and body. For people who work with continuous screen times, try following the 20-20-20 rule to reduce eye strain which says after every 20 minutes, stare at an object 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds.

Your productivity and focus can be increased with a nice and comfortable home office. Designing a perfect home office not only includes good furniture but it is a complete package of functionality, comfort, and personal style. By understanding your needs and following our tips you will be able to make a great working space for yourself. You can keep evolving your office as per your needs and tastes. 

These tips will be helpful to you whether you are designing a new home office or renovating your older office. With the right setup, you will be able to design a home office that is comfortable and more inviting to spend time and work more efficiently. Happy designing!

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