Ever found yourself short of words while explaining what exactly you want your dream home to look like? Or are you planning to have a perfect thematic home? Well, then you have clicked onto the right blog. Here is everything you need to know and understand about the different types of interior design and styles. This informative blog will help you in connecting with your interior designer. You will find it easy to explain your thoughts and dreams.

We have curated the 10 types of interior designs that are most popular in modern homes. However, the clients and the practitioners both often tend to mix the different styles and then create their final looks. With the right understanding of the styles, you too can easily decide and ask the designers and decorators to create exclusive looks for you. Whether you are planning for an overall change or a refreshment in your living room with the right guidance you can have a very polished and serene look.

1. Modern Interior Design Styles

The very prime feature that describes the modern interiors is that they are very sleek by nature. The patterns are very simple, and the designs are very clean. They are designed to have a clutter-free look, free of ornaments, bold contrasts with neutrals, basic shaped furniture with fine lines often made of chrome, metal, and glass. The surfaces are planned to have a smooth surface. They have the cleanest designs you will ever see. If you are someone who loves unclutter environment then this style is for you. You get a very clean design that looks fresh and elegant. They deeply encourage the concept of less is more. The style brings the extra factor in the simplest things. Though this type of style is yet to get more popular in homes. They are neither too loud nor too bold, a striking balance is created.

2. Contemporary Interior Design Style

Contemporary and, modern styles are often confused. Both of them have great similarities, and the reference to modern are brought out via contemporary styles. Contemporary design includes more open space, light, glass, and wood. Unusual layouts are another common trait seen in this style. The tone of the space can vary from very dark to very light. Accent metal pieces are very common, and statements are created using proper lighting design. Contemporary styles often follow the trend, something that is currently prevailing in the industry. Since they are so close with the trend they have a lot of modern features in them. Not only they are stylish but also very elegant. You can easily create looks that are both modern and contemporary. They are also great for small spaces as the elements used in them create more space. A very apt style for our modern small homes.

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3. Transitional Interior Design Styles

This style is a mixture of traditional, modern, and contemporary styles. This design is very popular among interior designers and decorators. Hence if you are someone who likes all these styles and can’t pick one, then out of all the types of interior design styles, this particular style is for you. The style uses furnishings that are curved with limited accessories. Focal points are created that are impactful. The preferred color type is neutral with textured elements like wood, glass, steel, metal, and fabrics. You can really experiment with this style and have creative and innovative designed looks. Guests visiting will definitely argue on which style have you picked?

4. Traditional Interior Design Styles

As the name suggests this style is old school. However, it is important to understand that they are an inspired look of the old European styles from the 18th and 19th centuries. They create symmetrical designs. You can’t reject this style on the basis that it’s an old-school pattern because it is not. The elements included in this design reflect the classical European theme. The style is filled with antique pieces and elegant furnishings that look great. However, the furniture used is quite big while the fittings are stylish and very sophisticated. The textiles used are expensive like silk, velvet, and other comfortable fabrics like cotton and linen. Neutral colors are used so that the furniture gets highlighted. A centerpiece is given attention to it can be brought out through television or any other focal point.

5. Electric Interior Design Style

A perfect depicture of how you can contrast with so many elements and still make it look beautiful. Contrasting colors, materials, furnishings all of these things are contrasted. It is very important to go with experts when opting for this style, as it is very easy for it to look terrible than attractive. The contrasting elements are tied together most beautifully, no wonder the final look created is so diversified yet complete. Not only do the designers and decorators get to play around, but even the homeowners also get a broad spectrum to experiment. The patterns used are varied. While the contrasting features are combined using paints, fabrics, and other furnishing items. The style is a typical breaker of rules. However, they never fail to bring the magic with their creativity. Though the style looks diversified with their patterns they still have a striking balance with the right combinations.

6. Mid-Century Modern Design Styles

Among all the other types of interior design styles, mid-century is that one full package deal that will not disappoint you. The style looks best when not combined with any other style. They alone have the potential to carry the complete look of the entire house. The design seems to be inspired by the 1950’s and 1960’s look. These designs and styles have the most iconic and ancient blend that looks luxurious. The overall look of this style is fuss-free and gives out a very clean structure. Though the style is inspired by the nineties it breaks the stereotype and settles in the modern era. One can create an inspirational look from other styles but it is very important to do that under the experts’ guide. They will help you create a style that is along the lines of other styles.

7. Nautical Interior Design Styles

If you are someone who loves beaches then this style is for you. The style has light colors and shades of bright colors to create a very natural splashed look. Further furnishing is done with dark woods, rope, and all other items that are found on beaches. The theme created out of this style is very light and airy. Open windows are a must. White backdrops are created which can be easily furnished with sea-inspired decor items. Items of decor that are seashell inspired are given preference. They are most popularly known to create an ambiance that is warm and positive. The designers that create these looks very naturally blend the beachy elements providing you with a very relaxed environment. The colors used are white and sand color in abundance.

8. Scandinavian Interior Design Style

This style uses white predominantly. If you are someone who loves white and would want your dream home to be all white? then this style is for you. Bright colors are combined with white to make it look more impactful. Symmetrical design is created with large mirrors and furniture that are both stylish and functional. The choice of woods is light-colored. They blend with rugs easily creating a subtle tone. Scandinavian styles are inspired by Nordic countries hence the look is always very simple yet luxurious. The designers also ensure that they bring in some accent in the style through colors and gentle contours. They also use organic materials. The style comes with a combo of three, that is the style has all the elements of practicality, modernity, and clarity.

9. Vintage Interior Design Styles

I bet you have heard this term before! A type of interior design style that is very popular among designers and homeowners. Though it is not properly established, it is demanded a lot. The look is old-fashioned but has a lot of modern twists to it. The spectrum for the experiment in creativity, versatility, and imagination is the greatest. The best part about them is that they tell a story with everything that is displayed. The items of furnishing are filled with history. The accent walls created are very decorative, classy, and royal. Black and white frames with old photographs are used. A lot of shelves are brought into the space to showcase the true vintage pieces of decor.

10. Industrial Interior Design Style

The look created out of this type of interior design style is very raw. The look created is unfinished with shades of greys, rustic, and neutrals. The very prime feature that distinguishes it from others is that this style does not cover the exposed wires and pipes. Instead, they create this industrial style with these exposed items. This can also be called a vintage look because of the aesthetic pieces that are used. The inspiration is drawn from urban and industrial elements. The style is a really open and free one, you can easily mix it with other styles and create a look of your own.

For a properly furnished home that looks rich and sophisticated, only proper styling will not be enough. Decorate your home with the right decor items that will enhance your efforts.

Hope the blog has been informative enough for you to guide you in planning and understanding the types of interior design styles that are right for your home. Feel free to drop in your suggestion in the comment section below.

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