There are a lot of common mistakes that many people make when designing their interior. In this blog, we will be discussing the 7 most common mistakes in Interior design. The blog consists of tips, information, and how to avoid these mistakes and fix them immediately. So, let’s talk about them.

Hanging Wall Art too High or too Low

People tend to hang art closer to the ceiling than it should be. Our work should be hung at about eye level to appreciate in a natural way the piece of art. Maintain the visual order of the words of art. Once, you have decided on the height of your artwork, stick to it to create flow in your space. Align the art pieces at their center points.

The best way to ensure that there are no mistakes and nasty holes to feel is to trace and cut out the frame outline paper. Simply tape the paper cutouts on your wall. Try numerous placement options until you have the desired outcome.

Curtains | Most Common Mistakes in Interior Design

Corns and blinds can make or break a home. What are the most common mistakes people make when it comes to window treatments? Tall windows with high coordinates. Corden’s make the room look more spacious when you mount the cording rod close to the ceiling instead of at the window frame. The floor-length coordinates draw the eyes upward along the entire length of the accordance, creating an elusion of height and spaciousness.

Do position your rod approximately 4-6″ above the window or go the way to the ceiling. Ensure that the rod is wide enough so that when the coordinates are open the inner edges just covered the window firm but not that the glass. Stacking the curtains next to the window instead of covering it will help the window appear larger. For an elegant look coordinates, panels should be wide enough that even when closed there is fullness to them. To achieve that the width of the panels looks full and elegant, the width of the curtain should be three times wider than the window.

Rug Size

Since rocks are essential for creating boundaries for your furniture and defining spaces. You must make sure your rug is the appropriate size. You should invest in the correct one for your space. To find the right size rug you must consider the size and spacing of the furniture in the room. It’s important to make sure that all the furniture fits on the rock or at least the front legs of all the sitting in the space.

Exposed Cables | Most Common Mistakes in Interior Design

All details count in interior design. Another common mistake that affects per section and order in space is having a visible cable that runs through walls and other surfaces. It’s important to hide these cables and wires especially those of the TV, lamps, or other electrical features. If you can hide the TV cables inside a wall choose to use a core hider. It’s very easy to install and you will have a better appearance instantly.

Having One Light Source

Lighting is key in interior design and it’s an aspect that people often forget. Having a single light source in each room may allow you to see in the dark but it’s not doing your take or any favors. Only one light source is not enough because it doesn’t help create contrast depth or defined shapes and make the colors pop.

Fix this mistake by adding different lighting sources in the space. You need to have layer lighting sources such as ambient lighting for overall illumination through table walls and floor lamps, hanging or ceiling lamps. Accent lights to highlight a specific object or area and to draw attention to feature through three sixth spot ceiling lights, track lights, or wall mountain lights. Add task lighting for a particular task or activity such as freedom writing or eating. A good lighting plan for interior home decoration will combine all three sources and at different heights.

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Not Measuring the Space | Most Common Mistakes in Interior Design

Another common mistake done by people is not measuring space before sledding furniture and decor elements. Not planning a space usage is a common interior design mistake that people make, don’t rely on your eyes to measure a space. Before purchasing furniture or decorative accents measure all the dimensions to map out your space to avoid overcrowding on under furnishing. Think about a space for circulation that you need. Measure the heights available, take measurement of your walls to select artwork in a scale and proportion of the area, and so on.

Designing without considering your Style and Needs

One of the biggest mistakes at the time of designing a space is that people don’t stop to think and to ask themselves what they really want and need. Instead of following trends and use copying ideas, first as yourself what you admire about the rooms and what you like about those inspirations. Is it the colors, the texture, the materials, the lighting, the kind of furniture? Once you have a personal preference then you can begin your own interior home decoration with confidence. Remember that a good design is not only about beauty. You should live in your space and identify how your family uses it before your remodel because it is a great way to learn about the details you will want to include in your design and plans.

Hope this blog would help you solve your problems by yourself. Please share your thoughts regarding the topic in the comment section. This will inspire us to write such topics for you guys.

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