Are you looking for a bedroom makeover? This is the perfect blog for you! If you want to give your bedroom a makeover or are renovating the house, this is the perfect time for you to go bold and make your bedroom walls stand out.
Following are 10 Trending Two-Color Combination for Bedroom Decor.

Brown and Macaroon cream –

Brown and macaroon white as we all know go well together. If you are the kind of person who wants a bedroom makeover but want to keep it subtle, this is a perfect option for you. Brown-colored sheets and white blinds or curtains go well together with the bedroom decor. Small brown décor is adding to the subtle elements of the space. The photo frames and the plant are complementing the walls and the room.

Brown and Macaroon white bedroom decor

Munsell yellow and Teal | Color Combination for Bedroom –

Teal and Munsell’s yellow are a tranquil combination to go for. Teal has the properties of blue and green, where the blue element is tranquil and the green element is rejuvenating. Having this combination with yellow will give the room a unique touch. The golden metal wall mirror is giving an extra addition to the grace of the room. Yellow cushions, sheets, and blinds will complement the whole look of the bedroom decor.

Teal and Yellow bedroom decor

Moss Green and off-White –

Moss Green color is connected more to nature. Hence, having green on the walls with an off-white combination is a very mind relaxing and tranquil combination. It indicates a closeness to nature. It is a sign of growth and rejuvenation. Moss Green and off-white walls with the bedsheets and pillows in the same combination is a great choice of color grading. Also, with Moss Green as the wall color adding plants to the room will complement the set-up of bedroom decor even more.

Moss Green and off-white bedroom decor

Mahogany and Mustard brown –

The brown color is known to give a sense of safety and a feeling of being secure. Trying Mustard brown and Mahogany brown as a color combination for the bedroom is a great option for people who are into Earthy elements. The Brown color indicates an earthy element and goes well will Mahogany furniture and décor. The white lights and rug neutralize the brown color of the bedroom decor. The floral painting, cushions, and mirror in brown color are adding an even more classy element to the whole bedroom décor.

Mahogany and mustard brown bedroom decor

Purple and Cream White | Color Combination for Bedroom –

The purple color has the strong energy of red balanced by the tranquil energy of blue. Hence it is overall a calming color. It also is subtle and makes the energy of the whole room calming and relaxing. The cream White-colored table lamp, sheets, and pillows are perfectly complementing the whole look. The Purple and White floral paintings and flower vase are also adding best to the element of the room

Purple and cream white bedroom decor

Orange and Grey–

Orange is a very bright and energetic color. It has a tint of joy, warmth, and happiness to it. it is a very happy color although it can make some people uncomfortable. Add this color combination only if you are comfortable with the orange color. The subtle orange-colored silk bedspread goes well with the orange wall. The combination of Grey is neutralizing the enthusiastic energy and the Grey blinds are going well with the grey element of the bedroom décor.

Orange and Grey bedroom decor

Green and yellow –

The yellow color has happiness, warmth, and sunshine element in it. Green has a touch of growth and calm nature in it. A combination of these colors is sure to add a tranquil element to the bedroom. This combination of bedroom décor goes well with plants adding to the green part of the room. The green blanket and patterned pillows are adding to some fun elements to the tranquil environment.

Yellow and Olive green bedroom decor

Dark Blue and off-White | Color Combination for Bedroom –

Dark blue and Off-white are another great combination for bedroom décor. Dark blue can be a hard color for a lot of people, so use it only if you find it comfortable. The color dark Blue indicates integrity and harmony. The off-white neutralizes the serious nature of the color. Pink cushions and blankets are adding a fun element to the décor. The plants and white painting and frame are neutralizing the hardness of the dark blue in the bedroom decor.

Dark blue and Off-white bedroom decor

Sea Blue and Green –

Sea blue signifies serenity and health. It has a really good effect on mental health. Green has a property of tranquility and serenity too. When added together, these things bring out a good color combination and add to the elegance of the whole room. The white sheets and chandelier are adding a good touch to the room. The blue lamp, patterned curtains, and cushions are adding a fun element to the room.

Sea blue and green bedroom decor

Sandalwood and Green | Color Combination for Bedroom –

Sandal color is a very tranquil color. It is subtle and has a sacred meaning in Hindu mythology. It can be made fun by making geometrical color patterns on the wall like in the below picture. The sandal color with grey and olive green is adding to a modern element to the walls. The photo frames with plants are also adding an Earthy and natural element to the room. A metal wall art would also go well with this bedroom decor.

Sandal, Green, and dark grey geometrical bedroom decor

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