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Unique Metal Art

Each house has its own identity. A family may always make a house look full and complete, yet there is something missing in it. How can a house be complete without a unique décor? Let the walls in your house make a statement with unique wall art.

YF decor is here with a picturesque collection of unique metal wall art.


Unique metal art as the name suggests is a unique combination of designs, colour and shape put together to bring out a statement piece. Unique art includes designs like metal plates, shells, stone metal art, 3D designs and much more, after all there is no end to unique creativity.

Ancient Greek art emphasizes human accomplishments. It is a very ancient form of art and holds a great significance in portraying the development and uniqueness of human race. It also honours the Gods and portrays excellence.

On the other hand, shells are a symbol of birth, good fortune and resurrection. Shells are a beautiful and unique part of nature. Shells are the best way to decorate and enhance the an otherwise simple space.

Mirrors imply reflections and light. Mirrors are always a good form of décor as they can be a décor as well as a constant reminder of how beautiful we all are as we look into it. Mirror reflects the world around us and also signifies beauty in whatever it reflects.

A lot of metal art forms are seen to have green colour. Green colour is a symbol of growth and harmony. Green colour is spiritually known to create a sense of peace and hope.

Rainbow flowers indicates the individuality on how each colour brings out its own significance yet when combined together reflects a harmony. It is very attractive visually and also soothing mentally.

Onyx stone produces powerful vibrations signifying continuous flow and forward movement. It is a sign of strength and willpower. One property of Onyx crystal is its grounds to Earth with activation of solar plexus and third eye chakras. Spiritually Onyx stone is very auspicious and has a good positive and spiritual influence in the environment they are kept in.

Asteroids on the other hand indicate wisdom, wellness, healing and spirituality. Green asteroid is a sign of mental and physical wellness.


Uniqueness is a trait that brings out individuality of everything. Unique art for walls is something new and bold. Unique art is not just about the external looks, but also about its significance. An ideal décor is one that adds glamour as well as positivity to the environment. The shell art piece is best way to add remnants of nature to the décor. Adding Onyx stone to décor adds to the beauty and also adds good spiritual energy. Circular metal art is simple way of adding a spark to the room. Mirror plate wall art is a good way of adding bling and uniqueness to the room/space. Dandelions turn the mood light and create a sense of happiness. Metal art is a sustainable way to choose décor and create less toxins for the environment.


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  • Vibrant and enhancing colours for the walls.
  • Available in various sizes and shapes to match the diverse choices of our customers.
  • LED light system in few of the metal art to give a modern touch to ancient art form.


Onyx stone wall art, shell wall art and frame wall art are best suited for living room with basically, all unique wall art pieces can be used to decorate the living room. Mirror wall art can be hanged in bedrooms as a décor. It is also a good décor for hotel suites and receptions. Dandelion wall art is a good choice for wedding and event decoration. They also make a good wedding gift. Unique metal wall art is a perfect décor for office receptions and hallways. These can also be hanged in the hallways and stairways.

Browse through our metal wall art collection to go through each individual unique wall art piece and order them to step up your décor game!