People have been following and believing in Vastu Shastra for a long time. But do we know why? Let us understand with some examples. If you notice any animal or bird house around you, then you’ll find they are made in a particular manner. Every creature follows a fixed design for its habitat. When the pattern is not followed then it may cause some problems in their proper survival. In the same way, when we visit some popular mythological places like temples in South India then just after visiting the place and sitting there for a while we feel positive. This comes with the effect of proper architecture and structure.

In the proper architecture of human habitat which can be our homes, offices, or industries there comes a role of Vastu Shastra. In this blog, we will understand the basics of Vastu Shastra, its importance, and also some tips that you can follow to make your home Vastu compliant.

Need of Vastu Shastra

To understand Vastu you have to understand the need for geometry first. Geometry is what we see around us everywhere in every form. Nothing exists without geometry. On the digital device, you read this blog or in the place where you sit, there is a geometry. In the same way, the geometry of our home is also a crucial factor, and when we ignore that, we attract negative energies. First, consider an example to understand why it is important for us. If we see anything around us then we will find that everything has a form and there is a defined way to make it work, even in the human body, the posture of your body makes a difference in your proper functioning. In the same way, when it comes to architecture like homes, offices, or industries we must follow some particular rules and directions to build them. 

Vastu Meaning in English

This ancient science of directions in construction is termed Vastu Shastra. In Vastu Shastra, we focus on aligning each item of our place in geometry to minimize the disturbances in our lives.

What is Vastu Shastra | Vastu Meaning in English?

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science behind the construction of houses, offices, and any other structure in such a way that it maximizes positivity, happiness, health, wealth, and much more. It is around 5000 years old and has been used for a long time in making homes, temples, and other structures that could easily survive many years. Agama is often thought of as a temple-building science by people, but it was not only for temple building, every human habitation had to be built that way. Sthapatya Veda is considered the main source of Vastu Shastra, in which Sthapatya means Sthapna.

Vastu Shastra is based on two main factors : 

  • The rotation of the earth on its axis and the forces like centrifugal forces caused by it.
  • The Magnetic property of the earth and the magnetic and gravitational forces created by the material inside the earth.
Direction of Elements in Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra explains that every element should be aligned in a direction based on their property. It helps us in aligning the five elements (air, water, fire, earth, and space) around us in 8 directions. There are four cardinal directions (north, south, east, and west) and four non-cardinal directions (northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest). Each direction represents an aspect of life, influencing prosperity or failure in any field of life. The most preferable placement of all five elements is shown in the above picture.

Top Vastu Tips for Home 

Entrance of your Home 

The Entrance of your home is the starting point of both the energies as well as you in your home. It is the entry point of all the good luck in your home. So you should put a major focus on the entrance of your home. Some of the points you should consider are: 

Entrance of Home
  • It is preferred that the direction of the entrance is in the north or northeast direction
  • The Doors of your home should open inside so that positive energies can come inside.
  • Don’t add things like dustbins, shoe racks, fountains, as well as other water-centric things near the entrance.
  • Make the nameplate of your home beautiful and decorate the entrance with sacred bandhanwars, plants, and lights. 

Rooms of your Home

According to Vastu Shastra, the shape of the rooms in your house should be square or rectangular. Avoid other shapes if possible. Also, the rooms should be well clean and should allow proper air and light to pass. This will allow the flow of positive energy in your rooms.

Colors for Home Vastu

Colors for Home in Vastu

As per Vastu Shastra, you should avoid dark colors in your homes. We can go for colors that are lighter and brighter like shades of yellow, pink, greens, or light blues. These colors will invite positive energies into your home.

Vastu for Water in Home | Vastu Shastra for home

The element water best suits northeast and north directions. Position all pure water sources in the northeast direction. These can include your fountain, pool, or aquarium. And as we know water has a great memory, it remembers all positive as well as negative things. So you should store the water for some time before actually consuming it so that it can undo itself.

Bedroom Vastu for Home 

To avoid relationship disputes you should opt for a bedroom in the southwest direction. You should try positioning your bed in the east or west direction. Never sleep by having your head towards the north as the human body contains iron and it can be affected by the magnetic poles of the earth which may lead to disturbed blood flow in your brain and could become the reason for disturbed sleep and negative thoughts. 

Also, make sure that there is no reflection of the sleeping person in any mirror. So avoid mirrors and TVs in front of your bed, this can cause domestic fights. You can use indoor plants for good sleep. 

Kitchen Vastu for Home 

Kitchen Vastu for Home

The kitchen represents the fire element and the southeast is the best direction for fire. You can also choose east. If possible then avoid northeast and southeast directions for your kitchen counters.

Read about the top 10 vastu tips for home.

Possible Disturbances in Non-Vastu Compliant Home 

Vastu Shastra is not something for which you need to break or reconstruct your old property. As every problem has a solution, similarly a Vastu defect can be corrected by placing a counter-positive solution in some other direction. Like if your entrance is not in the correct vastu direction you can add a missing element in the desired location to neglect the effects. If still your home is not Vastu complaint then there can be a possibility that your home may attract some negative forces which may affect you in various manners like:

  • It can affect your physical as well as mental health. 
  • It may affect your relationships both inside as well as outside your home. 
  • You may find difficulty in your job stability as well as business.
  • It could affect your prosperity as well as fortune.
  • You may have financial problems.

By understanding some basic vastu shastra and making little changes to your house you can easily make your home compatible with Vastu. Not everyone will feel the negative effects of vastu.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Vastu Shastra?

    Vastu Shastra explains the alignment of cosmic forces with nature’s five key elements. The five key elements are air, water, fire, earth, and space. It defines rules for constructing the buildings so that they allow the flow of positive energy.

    What are the benefits of Vastu Shastra?

    Vastu Shastra helps us function properly and maximizes prosperity and positivity in our lives. The main benefits of Vastu Shastra can be blocking negative energies, inviting prosperity and fortune, and boosting your health and wealth. It also helps in stabilizing your relationships as well as increasing job and business opportunities.

    What happens if your home is not Vastu compliant?

    Having your home made with Vastu Shastra can help in attracting positivity and if your home is not made with vastu then there may be a possibility that it may attract bad energies and impact your health, wealth, business, and finances. Though by simple changes in your home, you can make it vastu complaint.

    Is Vastu Shastra based on any religion?

    No, Vastu Shastra is not specific to any religion or even any country. Though India is the originating country for Vastu anyone around the world can follow it.

    What are the important Vastu Tips for home?

    The most important tips as per Vastu for your home are : 
    1. Keep your home clean and clutter-free. 
    2. Allow sunlight to enter your house as it brings positivity to the house. Make sure you build your home in a way that allows sunlight to enter. 
    3. Use indoor plants in your home, they will keep you connected with nature. You can keep a plant like a money plant near the entrance of your home. 
    4. Avoid specific colors in certain places. For example, avoid very dark colors in your living room and office area. You can go with light colors like yellow, beige, etc. 

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