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Metal Wildlife and People Art

Antique is something that will never go out of style.

Antique decoration is a trend many people are into these days. Wildlife metal wall art is authentic and sophisticated. Bringing it into décor can make any space look authentic and antique. We are here with wide range of wildlife and people art.

About Wildlife Metal Art

Wildlife art is a rich in ancient scriptural representation. They have a combination of amazing patterns, forms, colours and shapes. They represent historical roots of various cultures and also represent spiritual significance.

Collection of seven sun horses is great spiritual scripture. They radiate warmth and life, removes darkness and brings one into light. They symbolise stability, courage, power, strength, loyalty and hence is great as per Vastu Shashtras.

There are also designs involving culture. Dancing dolls depict cultural significance. It is a great depiction of history and its development. A lot of people find dance mood lifting and radiates high end energy.

Peacock is a common pattern seen in a lot of art forms and décor materials. It is the symbol of beauty. It is a sign of rejuvenation, re-growth and integrity. Peacock has a royal element to it.

Butterfly designs look very cute on walls. They depict beauty and radiate integrity through their various colours.

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  • Vibrant and enhancing colours for the walls.
  • Available in various sizes and shapes to match the diverse choices of our customers.
  • LED light system in few of the metal art to give a modern touch to ancient art form.


Searching for a décor in spiritual and antique appearance? We have a wide range of collection to make it easy for you! This wall art can be hung in living room, bedrooms, and halls. They can also be used as a décor to upgrade the look of hallways and stairways. This is a perfect décor for prayer halls.

They are a good choice for office, receptions, hotel suites and rooms, hotel receptions and resorts. They give an old historical touch to the space and make it look antique and beautiful.

Cannot figure out what would be the best gift for a wedding or house warming? This wall art is a perfect gift for these occasions as well as another occasion.

Browse through our individual art pieces to bring home a décor piece that adds spirituality and prosperity.